Who may join


We accept applications from all non-Masonic baptized Christians. Because there is confusion over Masonic Knights Templar and non-Masonic Knights Templar, our Order reached an agreement with the Grand Lodge of Scotland that proscribes Masons from joining us, and non-Masonic Templars from joining the Masons. Former masons are allowed to join the Order, as long as they are willing to submit a notarized statement, witnessed by a pastor, that they have renounced the Masonic lodge and its teachings, and no longer participate or pay dues.

There are no secret rituals or degrees in this Order. We are firmly established on Christian teachings, and everything we do as an Order is “in the light.” The only “secret” this Order maintains is our numbers. God forbid King David from taking a census of his army, as God wanted David’s trust to be in Him. We do not rely on numbers as any factor in our ability to serve our Lord. As long as one man remains faithful, God can change the world. Jesus took 12 ordinary men, and turned the world upside down.

Men and women eighteen years of age and older are eligible for membership in the Order, as are young men and women 16 years of age or older who have a parent in the Order. 

Applicants must submit to a background investigation to determine their suitability for membership. References must be furnished, as well as an affirmation by the applicant’s priest or pastor that he or she has made a visible effort to follow the teachings and example of our Lord. The fact that an applicant may have committed a crime in the past is not necessarily a bar to membership, but the deliberate withholding of any adverse information will be grounds for non-admittance. We do stress, however, that there is no inherent right to be admitted to the Order: we reserve the right to reject any applicant whom we do not believe possesses the requisite character and spiritual attributes for knighthood. Knights must be of proven Christian and moral character, who have demonstrated a life of Christian service or ministry. Knights must also have demonstrated they serve the ideal of protecting our fellow man, either through involvement in education, military, law enforcement, health care, ministry, or other similar endeavor. We are above all, a MILITARY organization, dedicated to reconciling a lost and dying world to a living Christ.

Once the applicant has been tentatively approved, he or she is normally admitted as a Companion-at-Arms. This is the stage before full knighthood is awarded, and is a probationary period of six to twelve months. If the applicant proves him- or herself to be a person of good character who is willing to serve Christ, then he or she will be admitted to the Order as a full knight. A formal investiture ceremony will be conducted, and the Companion-at-Arms will be inducted as a knight in a centuries-old investiture ceremony.

Prior to investiture, the Companion-at-Arms must secure the necessary regalia for becoming a Christian Knight Templar. These items include a white mantle with the red Maltese Cross on the left breast, a Christian Knights Templar Cross to be worn on a ribbon around the neck, and a pair of white gloves. The Companion-at-Arms may order the mantle from our supplier, which is a convent, or have the mantle made to Christian Knights Templar specifications by a local tailor or seamstress. The only source for Christian Knights Templar Crosses is our supplier in the United Kingdom. Gloves may be purchased at a local clothing store. 

Dues are currently set at $35.00 per year. However, no knight or dame will ever be excluded from the Order because of the inability to pay dues.

Similar to the ancient Templars of old, we also have positions for Men at Arms. These are not Knight positions, but serve in a support role for ministry functions. Requirements are not as strict as those for Knighthood. We do require those applying to be of good Christian and moral character.

If you are interested in becoming a Christian Knight Templar, you may email the Priory of Holy Angels currently at, or write to the following address: 

Office of the Grand Prior
Sovereign Military Order of Christian Knights Templar
Priory of the Holy Angels
700 N. Havanah
Butler, MO, 64730     I