A message from the Grand Prior

Grand Prior of the United States
Priory of the Holy Angels
Sovereign Military Order Christian Knights Templar (SMOCKT)
Rev. Charles R. Jones, BA, KGC, SMOTJ


My name is Charles R. Jones, “Ray” to my friends. I currently have the pleasure of serving as the Grand Prior for SMOCKT. I was elected to this position in 2010 by a majority vote of our Grand Council, of which I served as a member. There was apparently only one dissenting vote, which was mine.

I was quite happy serving as Grand Chaplain General of the Order, which was a lifetime post. The position of Grand Prior was one that I did not feel qualified to serve, and honestly, still don’t. I am probably the only Grand Prior in the history of the Order to feel disgruntled at the extreme honor of being elected.

Nevertheless, I gave my oath as a Knight to serve the Order, and will continue to do so in whatever capacity is required of me. The men that served as Grand Prior before me were all good, decent men, and shall always have my respect and friendship.

My background is one of service. I am a veteran of the U.S. Military, having served first in the Texas Guard as an M.P, then in the U.S. Navy as a medical corpsman. I spent a good deal of my military career assigned to various marine units as a Fleet Marine Force (FMF) corpsman. My designators were 0000/8404/8405 which translates as basic medic/combat medic/combat paramedic. I have over 30 years military and civilian experience in the medical field, as well as the police, fire, and security fields.

I have served as a detective, firefighter, paramedic, police chief, fire chief, EMS chief, and SWAT team operative. I also have been ordained and licensed as a Christian minister for about the same amount of time, and have served as a pastor, missionary, and once even, as a seminary director.

All of these positions have cemented in my mind two main details: I very much dislike politics, and have a general low regard for lawyers.

I actively try to live a life worthy of being called a Christian. Honesty and integrity are ideals I strive to maintain, usually to my own detriment. This is evidenced by the fact that I have had numerous different jobs, many which ended shortly after a supervisor, mayor, or councilman asked me for my “honest” opinion. There are several cushy jobs I could have kept if I had been willing to “play ball.” In my experience, when you are being asked to do such, it usually means that someone is going to gain something by twisting the law, or causing injustice to someone else. No job has ever been worth compromising my integrity over, or harming another person for.

The purpose of this missive is to serve as an introduction to who I am as your Grand Prior. Behind the title, I am just a man, with many flaws. I fail as often as I succeed. I accepted Christ at the young age of six. While this may seem remarkable to many, to me, it means that every evil, rotten, petty thing I have done in my life, I have done “as” a Christian. My only hope, the only true redeeming fact about me, is Christ within me.

We live in a dark world. While many today promote the wonders of our “civilized and enlightened” society, I do not personally believe man has changed much at all since our creation. Every society, of every age, has believed they were “enlightened and civilized” above and beyond all who came before.

We still deal with poverty. We still deal with human slavery. We still deal out death and human misery on every continent. Our laws, from the lowest level to international, are still twisted daily to benefit a select few, rather than society as a whole.

It is my hope, as your Grand Prior, to promote us as an organization that helps affect change in the world. We may never actually succeed in snuffing out the darkness, but we can be the light on the hill that shows humanity that there is a different path. I look forward to serving you.

In His Service,

Charles R. Jones