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Picture1The new web site for the Sovereign Military Order of Christian Knights Templar is currently under construction.  Please be patient as we update this site.

Who we are:  We are a legitimate independent branch of the Scottish Knights Templar, founded in 1307.  We are a non-masonic, non-denominational Christian Order, dedicated to living a lifestyle that exemplifies the teachings and work of Jesus Christ, and portraying the ideals of ancient knighthood to a modern world.

The ancient Templar Order was founded with the ideal of protecting the Christian faith and Christian adherents from those that would prey upon them.   We continue that tradition today by advocating for the persecuted church throughout the world, and by fulfilling our religious mission of caring for widows and orphans.

We actively decry the persecution of any peoples by virtue of their religious beliefs, and work to end the barbaric practices of the slave trade, both public and illicit.

We believe in the Biblical representation of manhood, and that the modern Church has lost her way with compromise and false teachings. We believe God is calling a new Joshua generation to rise up, for men to lead with honor, integrity, and above all, love.

In the mirror of our ancient Templar brethren, “No retreat, no surrender.”

We welcome those of like mind and faith to join with us.

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  1. May the Lord sustain us as we reclaim the world for His People. Deus vult.

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