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Commander’s Desk

knight11 Welcome to the Commander’s Desk.  This is where to come to catch news information and issues pertaining to the Order.  This page will be updated on a fairly regular basis, so refer to here when you want the the latest news.

Currently, we have several new applications pending for the Order.  A special shout out to Chev. Allen Brooks, who has been one of our most faithful knights, and has kept faith in the Order and our mission alive.  Your services are most appreciated, my brother.

Also, continued prayers for our former Grand Prior, who is currently serving in Afghanistan as a military contractor.  Keep your head down my friend.


Mission to Kenya, Africa is a go.  I will be meeting one of our International Knights in Kenya, Pastor Felix Omondi.  Please pray for travel mercies, and for funding, which is still mission critical.  Pastor Felix is one of our connections to orphanages and ministries in both Kenya and Uganda.

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