Patrick Hamilton

Patrick Hamilton was born of noble Scottish blood in Catholic Scotland. He studied in Paris, where he became interested in the teachings of the Protestant Church. He returned to his native Scotland, and was employed for a time at St. Andrews. His teachings were deemed heretical, and he was summoned to trial. He initially fled to Germany, where he enrolled as a student at Marzburg. He became convinced in his heart he should preach to his countrymen, and returned to Scotland, where he was eventually lured with false promises of safe conduct by the local arch-bishop, who sentenced him to burn. Hamilton reportedly knew he was being lied to, but his conviction to preach the truth prompted him to face death itself.

Hamilton was Scotland’s first Reformation martyr, being burnt at the stake in an attempt to stop the Protestant teaching. He stoically suffered the burning, with the flames reportedly going out midway, and having to be re-lit. His last words were: “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” He entered heaven in the year 1528.