Divide and Conquer

Should we look back at history in the “Outreamer” we see that each kingdom and castle fell mainly because each was self serving, like dominoes each hunkering down waiting and hoping that Saladin would pass them by some he did but in the end even those who tried to ally with him also fell. We as Christians should look back at history, not be self serving but put our HOLY KING  first, then we can link together thru out the world as our brothers did before us in the  days of old, stand occupy and hold until his return. I ask you all to put religion be hind you that is what got the order in trouble in the first place forget religion and focus on the King we must also remember that until the return of the king   we are in occupied territory and thus we must be ever vigilant stand together or fall apart this is the decision we must ask or selves and the one we must answer to we we kneel before our Lord. This battle rages and the Dragon uses every tool at his disposal as should we cleanse our selves and try to stay that way lest you weaken your armor and open your self for assault ask the Lord to give you each and every Spiritual get that you are worthy of carrying that you may fight the good fight  Please remember Pastor Saeed in Iran and always pray for the strength of the order may God bless us