Copy and past link in your browser, if it does not allow click and download.  Some browsers are finicky with WordPress.  You can also highlight, and right click to “open link.”  The document should show up as an MS Word doc, and give you the option of viewing or opening.  You will have to open the document, and select “enable editing” in order to print it out.  This is not an online document, so mailing is a necessity.

Please also include a separate page, providing your Christian Testimony, as well as to why you are interested in becoming a knight.  We also request a resume, listing any skills that you may want to use in service to the Order.

Please bear in mind that this is a “military” Order.  We welcome anyone of Christian faith that desires to serve, and adheres to our core beliefs.  Only applicants of exceptional character or abilities, with a proven background of Christian service, are immediately knighted.  Others will step on a path that leads to knighthood.  We affirm KNIGHTS, men or women that understand the meaning of duty.  We do not give out “titles.”  If you only desire a piece of paper with a title on it, we kindly suggest you apply to different Order.  There are many who will gladly let you pay for the “privilege.”  If, however, you are serious about committing to a religious military Order, and believe in defending the kingdom of Jesus Christ our King, then fill out the application and Mail to:

Rev. Charles R. Jones, KGC, SMOCKT

Sovereign Military Order of Christian Knights Templar

700 N. Havannah, Butler, MO, 64730